Wednesday, 1 April 2015


April is Worldwide autism awareness month

A time to open your heart to how amazing autistic children are.

A realisation that a child having a tantrum isn't just badly behaved.

A time to not prejudge the parent of a child, that is out of control licking the walls.

That the child playing alone in the school playground isn't just a loner.

That because my sons don't respond to you when you call their names, it doesn't make them rude.

A time to educate a teach others how and what autism is and the impact it has on family's.

April is also the month my 1st born Zach was born and when I met and said goodbye to my 4th son.

April/Autism awareness month is everyday for me, so please take the time to open your minds and be a little more autism aware than you was yesterday.