Wednesday, 30 July 2014

In print

Why oh why is it so hard to see written words on paper describing your child's condition so hard to deal with?

I've seen a number of speech & language therapists, paediatricians, ed psychologists and occupational therapists over the years. When they say they will send the reports in the post at the time I acknowledge and move on.

From the moment the report comes through the door and I see the letter is addressed 'To the parent/career of Zach/Zav or Zi' my hands start going sweaty, my heart starts pounding -I feel like its my first day at school or I'm about to walk the plank.

I open the letter, most times knowing what's going to be written and all very true of my sons. For some strange reason because it's on paper it feels so final, rubber stamped. Tears roll down my eyes as I read all the words.

It's a feeling that is so hard to describe.

' Zach presents with significant difficulties in the areas of his attention and listening, social skills, receptive and expressive language skills associated with his diagnosis of autism. Zach has severe receptive and expressive language disorder'

'Zav has severely delayed receptive and expressive language with social communication difficulties'

'Zi presents with delayed social communication skills and also displays social interaction difficulties'

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