Monday, 15 September 2014

Lonely Planet

One thing that you don't get told when your child/children get diagnosed, is how lonely and secluded the world becomes for us parent/careers.

Before the diagnosis you have a lot in common with all the mums. Get invited to coffee mornings, play dates and party's.

When you make it known your child has Autism, the invites for play dates and get togethers slow down and party invites dry up. So as well as your child being shut out so are you.

From their point of view, they don't know what to have conversations with you about, they can't compare notes, like they did before because your child is so much different to theirs.

Family is, in my case even worse. They feel it's just a label and I'm not doing the right things to bring up my children properly- ' just give them a smack, and they would be fine' !!

In time I met like minded parents & careers of autistic children, even some people who are not parents. Who are open minded and who don't judge. It's these people who we need more of.

BLOG TIP: If your not a parent or career: take the time to not judge and understand how hard it is for parents and careers of SEN parents.
The fact that your reading my blog means you have climbed the first mountain- Thank you

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  1. Totally agree with everything. I felt so lonely and bit by bit my friends dropped away and I became a homebody. Family were so much worse than the strangers who stopped to stares during the supermarket tantrums. They really didn't understand and it wasn't until my ASD boy was 14 did they acknowledge that there was something clinically wrong with him ��