Saturday, 29 November 2014

Three peas in a pod

for the last 4years the beginning of term, has always been quite stressful for me but this year was surprisingly enjoyable and rewarding.

After the second day Of term, I go to pick up Zav from school. He comes out of his class with the biggest smile on his face and points to a shiny yellow badge attached to his school jumper which reads 'school council'. I ask him what does it mean and he says
'I have to help everybody and be good'
I start feeling overwhelmed with such pride. His teacher explains that he has been chosen to be on the school council, representing his class (the asd resource base) he then tells me
'I must wear it everyday mummy, Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday'

My Zav is on the school council, so so proud

Zach came home from school, first week of term and says

'Do you want to joke mum'
Me: 'pardon'
Zach: 'what do you call an angry pea'
Me: 'I don't know Zach'
Zach: 'a GRUMP PEA'

I laughed so much, I was amazed how funny he could actually be. His first joke.

Zi started at the school nursery, after spending 2 years at his previous one. Spoke to nobody and never made any friends. 3 weeks after starting Zi has spoken with his class teacher and is trying very hard to make friends.

I am extremly proud of my boys and am sure they will continue to blow me away.


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