Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My clever boy

After Zachs annual review, we go ahead and request a change of setting.

Getting over the stigma of special school, I'm really excited about what this change would mean for Zach-he is growing up fast, would need more support and will hopefully get it.

So I have busied myself arranging open days and researching schools. We visit two schools in the borough, there is one that I like so I ask for them to be consulted with.

Within this time I still talk to and visit other schools, who always ask me what are his levels for each subject. When I tell them they say - they may not be able to support him academically but definatly in all the other areas.

While waiting for the chosen school to get back to us, Zachs local authority case worker kindly suggest I look out of borough and compiles a list of all the special schools out of borough.

I visit a majority of them and speak on the phone with the rest. Again they say his levels are too high!! He is too acacdemic.

The chosen school then get back to us - refusing to offer Zach a place because Zachs academic achievement is to high and most of the pupils in his cohort are achieving significantly lower than he is. They can't meet his academic needs but they can meet his social, emotional & sensory needs.

This is crazy!!

Zach can not cope with mainstream, we have tried for four years and failed.
But no special school will take him, because with the amazing support he has had  has the ability to learn.

I really don't know where to go or what to do!!

Too autistic to be mainstreamed, but too clever to go to a special school!!

I may have to consider home schooling.

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